Fishing-Sim-Roblox- Wiki


On the first day when you start this game, you are going to see Cody running toward you to say hi. He is going to tell you to go to Mr. Rodney’s house. He will give the tutorial. You have to catch 3 fishes, sell it to the caster and then visit Deckard’s Boats , Finn’s supply shop and your Aquarium. Then you should fish in port Jackson a bit (or if you are lucky, go on someone’s boat).


This is where most people when they start they try to go fish here. If you found a pro that is kind, you can friend him and ask him if he has a Fish Master 2.0 or hitch-hike with him. Once your inventory is full, reset and tell the pro to pick you up or ask someone else. Keep doing it until you grind to have a boat (around level 7 or 8). Then buy a rowboat to go to fish. Then keep grinding until you reach level 10.