Fishing-Sim-Roblox- Wiki

Now you are probably level 25. Now you can go to shadow isles. The first thing to do in shadow isles is to explore around the island. Then you will probably see Krilliam. Talk to him, do his quest, and get 10 gems. Then, Go talk to Gilbert. He will ask you to get at first:

  • 20 Common fish (I recommend Port Jackson with common rod equipped.)
  • 10 Uncommon fish (I recommend Monster’s Borough with the wooden rod equipped.)
  • 5 rare fish (I recommend the ocean with the lava rod equipped.)
  • 2 epics (Monster’s borough with your current rod and fish near the rocks)
  • 1 legendary (Monster’s borough with your current rod.)

After you do that, go back to Gilbert and get the key. Then, go to the side of the house on Sailor’s Viewpoint and take the TNT. Note that it will explode if you fall from high places, go in the water, or after 1 minute. Then grind in the secret cave for bluefish. it is very easy to gain money with daily reward but this is for expierence.