Fishing-Sim-Roblox- Wiki
There are 6 islands.

Shadow Isles can be unlocked at level 25.

Fish Rarity
Acadian Redfish Common
Tarpoon Uncommon
Suswanne Bass Rare
Barracuda Epic
Snapper Legendary

Shadow Isles is a bunch of islands. It is in the level 25 zone. There are also orcas around that area. There are 3 useful islands, 2 useless, and 1 chest island. The chest island is the one with lava flowing. Go up, then you will see a chest. The first one is Pike’s Peak, which has the secret cave, Poperson, and the caster on the top. The next island is the Sailor’s Viewpoint, which has the locked TNT. On the bottom of the stairs of Sailor’s viewpoint is Krilliam. The last one is Crow’s Nest, which has Gilbert and Sharkira. If you talk to Gilbert, he will ask you to fish:

  • 20 common fish
  • 10 uncommon fish
  • 5 rare fish
  • 2 epic fish
  • and 1 legendary fish.

Please note that the fish can come from anywhere. Also, for Sharkira, she will ask you to take 2 NORMAL shark heads. She will not accept them if it is oversized shark ones.