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Port Jackson is the starter island.

Port Jackson is the starting island for everyone who is new. When you first join the game, Cody is going to be running toward you, telling you to visit Mr. Rodney. Mr. Rodney is going to tell you to fish 3 fishes, sell it to the caster, visit the aquarium, Deckard’s Boats, and Finn’s supply shop. Then the tutorial is over. There is also Raygan, he owns a tavern, and asks you to fish some fish and he will exchange gems. Note that you have 30 minutes to do it. There is also 3 chests, you get fishing rods from them.

Fish Rarity
Trout Common
Copperband Butterflyfish Uncommon
Bluefin Tuna Rare
Stingray Epic
Swordfish Legendary