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This is the boss Moby Wood

Moby Wood is a boss monster that can be summoned by using a whale key. ( Obtained by killing a orca ) He has 75,000 health, and also he is basically a giant magnet sticking to the island. He has 2 attacks:

  • Wave attack, he sends waves almost going in all directions. Does 500 damage to boats and 50 damage to players.
  • The Pounce, he swims deep, then comes up crashing boats and players. Does 500 damage to boats and 50 damage to players.
  • Spit, He swallows some players, then later swims up and spits them out onto the air. Does 500 damage to boats and 50 to players.
  • This is not an actual attack but he can fling players when doing other attacks usually about 4000 to 400,000 studs away or upward and even inside unlocked level locked islands!

Please note that you must at least hit him one time with the spear to get the loot. The loot can either be right underneath the death point of moby or between the two rock islands. Here are the drops:

Drops Rarity
Whale meat Rare
Whale tail Rare
Whale head Epic
Whale tooth Legendary
Whale heart Mythic